Our Mobile Flowstand Trailer Brings the Solution to You

Our Mobile Flowstand Trailer Brings the Solution to You

2018 KGA Tradeshow Booth

  The K&I mobile flowstand trailer allows you to have a hands-on live demonstration of application solutions at the job site.


In addition to providing MRO products and calibration-validation services, the trailer allows for training of small groups.  


26-Technologies on display to help you choose the right solution for the application.


The Problem


     It's not what you know about process measurement solutions, it's who you know.  If you haven't heard of K&I Instruments,  you are already behind the eight ball


You expect representatives of manufacturers to be top quality instrumentation specialists, offer excellent customer service and provide the right instrument for each individual application regardless of each unique challenge.  


You have come to expect dedication to solving the toughest problems in the most efficient way to streamline operations.  That is where K&I Instruments has filled the void.


 The Solution


    Since 2004, the company focus has been on providing you solutions for flow, level, pressure and temperature applications.  


The primary focus is providing you a substantial reduction in energy costs for process heating, compressed air, pure and mixed gas systems.  


From initial consultation to exceptional after the sale service, the goal is to keep you informed of the latest technologies that help reduce hardware, installation and operational costs.


This approach to solving these complex problems eliminates competition.

Calibration Validation Services on Gas

Capability to deliver up to 7000 lbs of equipment at a time convenient for you!


Stocking of the following items:


1/4" & 3/8" SS Tube Fittings & SS Tubing


2-1/2" Liquid Filled SS Gauges (Several Ranges)


Clamps, Teflon Tape/Sealant, Leak Detector


About the Team


     After 20-years of service and sales in the electronics/communications field, I started K&I Instruments in 2004 with one goal in mind, to fill the gap between poor after the sale service and to provide excellent customer service.  


My career started with serving in the U.S. Army for 8-years as an electronics and communications specialist to include deployments to Morocco, Africa and a year on the DMZ in Korea.


    For the last 16+ years of consulting, clients have come to expect high standards of ethics providing exceptional after the sale service being the vital key to eliminating competition.  That ethic has brought the company a great deal of success. 


  As for outside interests, the charity started at home for me as a youth with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation in support of my cousin.  I am actively involved in many charitable organizations including the American Heart Association, Down Syndrome of Louisville, VFW Posts1170 and 8191 in Middletown, Ky. and Melbourne, Fl. respectively.  


My most enjoyable charity work involves supporting both St. Edwards Parish and St. Joh Paul II for 19-years and Ascension Parish while in Melbourne, Florida since 2015.  


     With Corbin and Kelly in sales/service, Misty in administration, Joe in fabrication, David in accounting and both Allison and Mandy assisting in marketing the team brings a variety of talent to the table to promote success for you.


The goal is for you to trust "My needs are being served now and in the near future!"    


Sincerely, Scott Hendry

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?

2018 KGA Tradeshow Booth

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