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K&I Applications

Partial List-Below

Power & Utilities


-Wellhead Gas Flow to Compressors

-#2 Diesel flow to Boilers


-Compressed Air Flow to Process


-Natural Gas Flow to Gas Trains

-CO2 Flow to Process Systems


-Gas Flow to Hot Water Heaters


-Sub-Metering between Buildings


-Ozone Gas Flow Monitoring


-Air Flow from Regenerative Blower


-Boiler Steam Flow 


-Flare Gas Monitoring


-Nitrogen Flow in Annealing Process


-Vapor Recovery Unit Mixed Gas Flow


-Gas Flow to/from Storage Fields


-Gas Flows from Scrubber

-Argon Flows for Water Treatment



-CO Monitoring to Flare

-Chiller Water Flow

-Air Flow to Klinker

-Check Metering for Gas Supply 

-Main Gas Supply to Facilities

-Hydrogen Flow to Hydrogenated Oil

-Air Flow to Basins

-Digester Flow to Boilers

-Gas flow to RTO

-Biogas Feed to Generator Sets

-Combustion Air Flow

-Natural Gas feed to Boilers/Furnaces

-Hydrogen Flow to Generator Sets

-Oxygen Flow to Boiler Feedwater

-Argon Gas Flow to Welding Machines

-Flame Control to Burners

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-Air Flow in Glass Process


-Air/Fuel Flow in Paper Process

-High-Pressure Argon in Airbag Process

-Helium Flow to Chromatographs

-Air Flow Leak Detection


Food & Beverage


-CO2 Flow in Bottling Process​


-Alcohol Flow in Bottling Process

-Nitrogen Flow in Blanketing Applications​

-Medical Gases in Medical Facilities



-Blast Air Flow in Foundry Process


-Nitrogen Flow to N2 Analyzers


-Exhauster Air Flow in Foundry Process

-Argon Flow in Glass Manufacturing

-Air Flows in Quality Control Labs


-Fermentor Flow to Distillation Process


-Argon Flow to Blanketing Process

-Air Flow to Pill Coater

-Gas Flow Control in Bioreactors



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