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Off shore oil & gas rig

Flow Computing and Automation

Cameron offers a range of wired and wireless flow computers with embedded control that provide the hub of a digital wellsite enabling operators to realize savings from rapid, low-cost wellsite deployment and deliver high integrity real-time data.

Scanner 3100
CAMERON Scanner 3100 Model Flow Computer

Scanner Model 3100 flow computer changes the way measurement equipment at a site is linked and integrated 

  • Wired or wireless mesh network communications

  • 22 flow stream capacity plus uncompensated flow totalizers

  • Computes amounts of any gas, steam, and most liquids including chilled and hot water

  • Dual flowline compensated measurement

  • Massive record-keeping flexibility and capacity

  • AGA 8 2017 Part A speed of sound calculations

  • Three PID controllers, two with analog outputs and one with pulse output

  • Extensive Modbus master capability exchanges data with 384 remote device registers

Scanner 2100
CAMERON Scanner 2100 Series Flow Computers

Scanner Series 2100 is an extension of the 2000, however, it can be serially or wirelessly connected within the network

  • Wireless mesh deployment for up to 50% automation cost savings

  • Up to 2-years of battery-autonomous operation

  • Direct access to batteries

  • Global explosion-proof/flameproof certifications

  • Spacious enclosure with four conduit openings

Scanner 2000
Cameron NUFLO ™ Scanner ® 2000 microEFM

Scanner Series 2000 operate as a flow computer, RTU, process controller, or node in a SCADA network.

  • Internal battery pack powers the measurement system for up to one year

  • Extensive and versatile datalogging (up to 6392 points)

  • PID control

  • USB, Foundation Fieldbus & Modbus communication

  • High-accuracy (+/- 0.05%) and high-pressure (5300 psi) multivariable sensor

  • Intrinsic safety: explosion/flame proof

  • Data handling, export, and report-writing software available without added cost

dP Cone 
Cameron NUFLO Differential Pressure Cone Meter

The Cameron NUFLO dP cone flowmeter provides accurate, repeatable & cost optimized measurement solutions for  upstream, midstream and downstream applications

  • Field-proven technology-minimal straight run required

  • Rugged and erosion resistant

  • Sizes 1/2" to 48"

  • High static line pressures

  • Wide range of exotic materials available

  • No moving parts = minimal maintenance = long, low cost lifespan

Flow Analyzers
Cameron NUFLO ™ MC-III™ EXP Flow Analyzer

The Cameron Low-power, compact, direct-mount turbine meter devices provide a reliable self-powered local display 

  • Power Supply: One 3.6 V lithium battery

  • Totalizer and Flow Rate Display: Six digits

  • Standard Units: bbl and bpd (other units available)

  • Accuracy: +/- 1 count (totalizer)

  • Input Frequency: 0 to 3500 Hz

  • Input Amplitude: 30 to 3000 mV peak-to-peak

LEFM Ultrasonic
Cameron CALDON LEFM 380Ci Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter

CALDON LEFM flowmeters provide the broadest product range for custody transfer of natural gas

  • Eight-path, dual-plane configuration

  • Sealed transducer housing design

  • Proprietary coating

  • CALDON LEFM SystemLink user interface software program eCheck software

  • Compact installation footprint reduces the length of upstream pipe and eliminates the need for a flow conditioner

  • Design that is configurable to accept various end connections requirements

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?

Common Applications below

Other Currently Installed Applications

  Rotary Meter Measurement

  LACT Metering & Measurement

  Chemical Fracturing


wellhead gas flowmeter

Producing Wells

coalbed methane gas flowmeter

Unconvential Gas (CBM)

scanner & orifice steam flowmeter


multi phase flowmeter

3 Phase Separator Measurement

compressed air flowmeter

Air Measurement

liquified natural gas flowmeter

LNG Measurement

storage field gas flowmeter

Storage Fields

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