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Optimize - Productivity - Efficiency

Endress & Hauser has reached an agreement with K&I Instruments to serve as one of their newest solutions integrator.  This added benefit allows for you to have a seamless transition from their regional representatives to a more streamlined integrated solutions platform.  You receive top notch instrmentation in addition to the continuing support of commisioning on-site applications to ensure peak performance.  A critical added benefit to you is the implmentation of their Heartbeat Technology on transmitters to diagnose, verify and monitor performance while leaving the instrument in the process, thus avoiding costly shutdowns.  You have several mass flow solutions available starting with Coriolis meters:

Q 300

Proline Promass Q 300.jpg

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter has a maximum mass flow rate of 550,000 kg/hr (22,210 lb/min) 

  • Heartbeat Technology- Integrated Diagnostics, Verification & Monitoring

  • 1" to 4" available

  • Custom flow connectors & installation lengths 

  • Space-saving installation – no in/outlet run needs

  • Custody Transfer Accuracy ±0.1 % of flow rate for liquids, ±0.35% of flow rate for gases

  • Optimized performance for liquids with entrained gas – MFT (MultiFrequency Technology)

  • WLAN and Bluetooth communications available

F 500

F 500 .jpg

Coriolis mass flowmeter has a maximum mass flow rate of 2,200,000 kg/hr (80,840 lb/min) 

  • Highest process safety – immune to fluctuating and harsh environments

  • Increased productivity, lower maintenance

  • Full access to process and diagnostic information – numerous, freely combinable I/Os (up to 4) and fieldbuses 

  • Premium accuracy:  0.05% on liquids, 0.25% accuracy on gases

  • 4-line backlit display with touch control (optional WLAN access)

  • 3/8" to 10" Sizes, up to 662 F

E 300


Coriolis mass flowmeter has a maximum mass flow rate of 180,000 kg/hr (6,615 lb/min) 

  • Cost-effective – multipurpose device; an alternative to conventional volumetric flowmeters

  • Fewer process measuring points – multivariable measurement

  • Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology

  • Reduced complexity and variety – freely configurable I/O functionality

  • Medium temperature range –40 to +150 °C (–40 to +302 °F)

  • Availble in line sizes from 3/8" to 3"

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?

P 100

Promass P 100.jpg

Coriolis mass flowmeter has a maximum mass flow rate of 70,000 kg/hr (2570 lb/min)

  • 3/8" to 2" line sizes with electropolished measuring tube in 316SS- Fast recovery from CIP/SIP

  • Prreferred choice for system integrators, skid builders and equipment manufacturers

  • Dedicated to applications under sterile conditions in the life sciences industry

  • Space‐saving transmitter – full functionality on the smallest footprint

  • Process Temperature Range: -50 °C to+150 °C [-58 °F to+302 °F]

  • Robust, ultra-compact transmitter housing

Prowirl F 200

Prowirl F 200.jpg

Vortex mass flowmeter has a maximum mass flow rate of 2100 m3/hr (4,629,000 lb/hr) 

  • Easy energy management – integrated temperature and pressure measurement for steam and gases

  • Increased productivity, lower maintenance

  • PremiumCal guarantees excellent measuring accuracy and highest plant availability at low flow rates of gas, steam and liquids.

  • Wet steam capabilities for 1 to 12"

  • Best in class accuracy:  Volume flow (steam, gas): ±1.0%, saturated steam: ±1.7%, superheated steam, gas): ±1.5% (temp,/press. compensated)

  • Measured variables Volume flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, energy flow, heat flow difference, temperature

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