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Steam & Liquid Mass Flowmeters


Pro-V™  Vortex Shedding Flowmeters are ideal for compensated mass flow measurements of either saturated or superheated steam

Vortex flow meters measure flows of steam, liquid and gas by detecting the frequency at which vortices are alternatively shed from a bluff body.  The frequency at which the vortices are shed is directly proportional to the flow velocity.  Our vortex flow meters are designed with a piezoelectric crystal sensor to detect the pressure exerted by the vortices on the velocity sensor.  With the addition of the optional integrated temperature and pressure sensors, the flow meter can then calculate and output the mass flow rate as well as volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, and density.

M22 In-line Series


Multivariable meter delivers mass flow, temperature, pressure, and density readings

  • Energy Monitoring–ability to compute and output energy use

  • Easy to install and commission

  • Reliable–no moving parts, no fluid to sensor contact

  • High accuracy with rangeability up to 100:1

  • Temperature up to 750°F and Pressure up to 1500 psig

  • Inline configuraton for pipes from 1/2”- 12” DN15 to DN 300

M23 Insertion/Retractor Series

M23 Picture.jpg

Multivariable meter with optional retractor or “hot-tap” hardware simplifies maintenance operations.

  • Energy Monitoring–ability to compute and output energy use

  • Easy to install and commission–Hot tappable, process shut down not required for installation

  • Insertion style mounting permits installation in any pipe 2" and greater

  • Remote electronics option available for use in harsh environments or locations with limited access

  • HART - Standard, Modbus, BACnet communications available

  • Measuring ranges from 205 lbs/hr up to 3,346,615 lbs/hr for saturated steam with VT model

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MVC Mass Vorcone Meter


VorCone™ flowmeters utilize two different technologies in combination; vortex and differential pressure.

  • Measures fluid density, volumetric flow rate and mass flow rate without any density information being required from an external source

  • VTP model is able to compare calculated density against predicted density to ensure the accuracy of the density measurement

  • Provides a total mass flow measurement of steam and water mixture

  • Advanced diagnostic software (DP Health Check™), is able to continually monitor and verify the meter’s cone element health and confirm output uncertainty

  • Provides a reliable steam quality (dryness) measurement

  • With on board data logging, you can track and trend steam quality (dryness)

M24 Inline Series


Multivariable meter with the ability to be reduced internally

  • Reduce internally from the nominal line size thus increasing the units useable measuring range

  • Power the meter with the POE, Power over Ethernet, functionality with a POE switch or router

  • Onboard datalogging via web interface

  • Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP communications available

  • Reliable–no moving parts, no fluid to sensor contact

  • Field configurable ranges, outputs and displays

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