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Standard-setting mass flow solutions I can rely on for years to come.  Measure process gases more accurately and reliably turning my process into a well-oiled machine.

  The Devastating MEASUREMENT MISTAKE that even good engineers make.  

Urgent: This new information could save your burners, your furnaces, your boilers, your compressors, your medical gas system, your capital equipment, your process-and your job.

  You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend months or even years designing a new process, commission it, and get underwhelming results?


First you here it from your BOSS... then the newest tech chimes in and the muttering continues with multiple questions


You're thinking by now, everyone can relate to this.


The truth is… even good engineers are tasked with more & more responsibilities, tighter budgets, restraints on working conditions and not wanting to be THAT ENGINEER that puts their neck on the line for a new technology


Our goal at K&I Instruments is to help process plants stop wasting money on an inefficient process measurement design.

See exactly how you will go from installing 5-instruments to one
mass flowmeter and how you will benefit too.

gas measurment instruments
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Start applying a new way and it will be a GAME CHANGER for you and for your processes.

Now, this isn't luck, nor  a "one mass flow metering solution fits all applications".  You have worked hard like every process engineer & supervisor.  The difference between mass flow solutions is FOCUS.

Help your business to grow because of four "all-in-one" mass flow metering solutions for gases, liquids, and steam. 


You see...instead of staying in the Process Measurement Rat Race...trying to provide more and more solutions for flow, level, pressure and temperature applications, stop and focus on ONE MASS FLOW SOLUTION at a time. 


Just one


Get that one working then moved on to the next MASS FLOW APPLICATION.


Before you know it, you will unlock your niche in the process efficiency.


I’m offering free consulting to tell you exactly how you can this.


If you’re thinking you’ve already heard all there is to know about running your process measurement more efficiently, that’s what your competition thought too.


You may be wrong.


Here’s what is different, you don’t need to do MORE measurement, you actually need to do LESS!


If you’re fed up trying to figure out how to get traction with your process measurement, find out what you MUST know about mass flow and Instrumentation.


Most importantly, learn how you can finally get your own process working like a well-oiled machine.​

I Have A Goal...Is My Process Holding Me Back?

The Mobile Flowstand Trailer comes to me!

4-Mass Flow Solutions to Reduce Hardware
and Unleash My Process Efficiency


Paramount w-SVA05 on 2019 Brochure pg 4.

■ Digital Sensor Drive
■SageCom™ software-allows for gas/gas mix changes in field
■ Field Zero Calibration Check-Validation w/ Bluetooth option
■ Measures gas flow rate in SCFM, LBS/HR, & more units
■ Wide measurement range up to 1000:1 
■ Low flow sensitivity

■ Insertion probes for pipes 1" and larger


M23 Vortex gas, liquid & steam flowmeter

■ Mass flow, density, pressure, temperature
■ Monitoring of most liquids, gases & steam
■ Computation of standard volume, mass, and energy
■ Easy to install & commission, hot-tappable
■ Up to 750 F temperature

■ Up to 1500 psig

■ Rangeability up to 100:1 turndown


Proline Promass Q 300.jpg

■ Mass flow, volume, density & temperature
■ Custody Transfer, 0.1% Liquids, 0.35% Gases
■ Optimal performance for liquids w/entrained gas (MFT)
■ Heartbeat Technology-integrated diagnostics, verification & monitoring
■  WLAN & Bluetooth options

■  Bi-directional flow  

■  Available 1" to 4"



■ Display instantaneous, total & accumulated flow rates

■Capillary Sensor Technology
■ High Accuracy and


■ Customer specified flow units
■ Use as a meter, regulator or switch
■ Measuring ranges from 0.5 mln/min up to 938 ln/min (5.4 SCCM-1000 SLPM) 

■ Opt. remote mount display


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