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Case Studies

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Whether you were around to witness the advent of STAR WARS and its subsequent updated releases, I have always had a fond memory of how I played a pivotal role in helping advance the technology to where it is today in the U.S. Air Force

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A large Aluminum fabricator purchased a significant quantity of Sage Paramount Insertion Style Natural Gas flow meters with Remote enclosures for 4” pipes, and opted for the Sage Bluetooth option to communicate between their laptop(s) or PC(s) and any of the Sage Thermal Mass flow meters.

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Whether it’s measuring compressed air on the output of a compressor, combustion air to a burner, or to measure air feeding the kiln for clinker burning, thermal mass flow meters provide cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions.


A flowmeter monitoring the rate of flow from a reactor vessel to the downstream process was producing an incorrect reading. Lucite’s engineers couldn’t determine why the meter was periodically indicating zero flow through the pipeline, causing the process to ‘trip’  as a safety precaution.

Safran Brake.jpg

A brake manufacturer purchased capital equipment consistently from 2008 thru 2017 to enhance their process. Each time, the problem the supplier created with the capital equipment was using outdated metering technology which resulted in slower response to process changes and an inability to capture accurate data.

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How DUE SOUTH had a Director of Bulk Operations replacing technology.   Whether it’s measuring nitrogen at a bulk distribution system, or to measure nitrogen blanketing at the tank farm, the thermal mass flow meter provides cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions.


Whether it’s measuring natural gas to fuel the compressor at a compressor station, or to measure carrier gas to the gas chromatograph, the thermal mass flow meter provides cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions.

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Like most physical plants, there were a number of recessed areas where light was blocked by equipment, piping, etc. This created lowlight areas and shadows that can make it difficult to see and read instrumentation like pressure gauges

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NOx emissions (NO & NO2) must be closely monitored with a gas analyzer to ensure that combustion systems, such as boilers and engines, are running safely and efficiently as well as complying with environmental regulations.

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The most  common way in which the flow measurement accuracy of any flow meter becomes compromised is due to incorrect installation. In 36 years of working in and around electronic instrumentation, there is one shortfall that sticks out above the rest, lack of startup support expertise to quickly identify installation issues.

What Difference Would It Make to Have a Process Working 24/7 To Perform Flawlessly, Measure Repeatably & Reproduce Consistently? 

At K&I Instruments, we make running your process easier. By combining ALL-IN-ONE mass flow metering solutions and ROI-driven features, we’ll help you control the end-product you deserve and turn more process issues into solutions. With truly custom gas measurement solutions and exceptional service, you’re one click away from a one-of-a-kind advantage.


K&I Applications Partial List

Power & Utilities


-Wellhead Gas Flow to Compressors

-#2 Diesel flow to Boilers


-Compressed Air Flow to Process


-Natural Gas Flow to Gas Trains

-CO2 Flow to Process Systems


-Gas Flow to Hot Water Heaters


-Sub-Metering between Buildings


-Ozone Gas Flow Monitoring


-Air Flow from Regenerative Blower


-Boiler Steam Flow 


-Flare Gas Monitoring


-Nitrogen Flow in Annealing Process


-Vapor Recovery Unit Mixed Gas Flow


-Gas Flow to/from Storage Fields


-Gas Flows from Scrubber

-Argon Flows for Water Treatment



-CO Monitoring to Flare

-Chiller Water Flow

-Air Flow to Klinker

-Check Metering for Gas Supply 

-Main Gas Supply to Facilities

-Hydrogen Flow to Hydrogenated Oil

-Air Flow to Basins

-Digester Flow to Boilers

-Gas flow to RTO

-Biogas Feed to Generator Sets

-Combustion Air Flow

-Natural Gas feed to Boilers/Furnaces

-Hydrogen Flow to Generator Sets

-Oxygen Flow to Boiler Feedwater

-Argon Gas Flow to Welding Machines

-Flame Control to Burners

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?



-Air Flow in Glass Process


-Air/Fuel Flow in Paper Process

-High-Pressure Argon in Airbag Process

-Helium Flow to Chromatographs

-Air Flow Leak Detection


Food & Beverage


-CO2 Flow in Bottling Process​


-Alcohol Flow in Bottling Process

-Nitrogen Flow in Blanketing Applications​

-Medical Gases in Medical Facilities



-Blast Air Flow in Foundry Process


-Nitrogen Flow to N2 Analyzers


-Exhauster Air Flow in Foundry Process

-Argon Flow in Glass Manufacturing

-Air Flows in Quality Control Labs


-Fermentor Flow to Distillation Process


-Argon Flow to Blanketing Process

-Air Flow to Pill Coater

-Gas Flow Control in Bioreactors



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