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Paramount Insertion & Inline

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Common Features for Sage Model Paramount Flow Meter:

  • Measures process gas flow rate/total and temperature

  • Insertion probes (for 1.5" - 36" pipes); Inline flow bodies with NPT ends (1.5" - 4" pipes); Inline 150# & 300# Flanged flow bodies (1.5" - 4" pipes)

  • Equipped with the 2nd Generation Digital Sensor Drive

  • SageCom™ software. Choose from available list of gases/gas mixes to measure flow. NIST-traceable calibration

  • High contrast photo-emissive OLED with numerical Flow Rate, Total & Temperature, as well as graphical flow indicator

  • Continuous ongoing diagnostics (display of milliwatts)

  • 4-20 mA &  RS485 Modbus Output with Optional HART communication protocols

  • Calibration Validation with th In-Site Field Zero Validation test

  • 24 VDC or 110/220 VAC in local or remote enclosures

TIO Controller Series


High-precision Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (MFC) for Gases

  • High-precision measurement

  • Analog and digital interface

  • Safe and fast control

  • Programmable set point table with ramping up/down capability up to 16 steps

  • Wide range of accessories (cables, power supply, etc.)

  • Measuring ranges from 0.5 mln/min up to 938 ln/min (5.4 SCCM – 1000 SLPM)

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?

M23 Series

M23 Vortex Steam Flowmeter

TCM 230K  Series

Tricor Coriolis flowmeter

Scanner 2000 Series

Cameron Nuflo Scanner 2000

VorTek Instruments’ M23 multivariable flowmeters measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam

  • Mass flow, density, pressure, temperature

  • Monitoring of most liquids, gases & steam

  • Computation of standard volume, mass, and energy

  • Easy to install & commission, hot-tappable

  • Up to 750 F temperature

  • Up to 1500 psig

  • Rangeability up to 100:1 turndown

TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter TCM 230K for Gases and Liquids

  • Robust for long life service-Delivers increased productivity

  • Integrated pressure compensation

  • Minimal pressure effects despite dynamical pressure changes

  • Customised installation length-Considerable cost savings for installation

  • Excellent repeatability-Delivers increased product quality

  • Optional net oil functionality

  • Increased well efficiency

Scanner Series 2000 operate as a flow computer, RTU, process controller, or node in a SCADA network.

  • Internal battery pack powers the measurement system for up to one year

  • Extensive and versatile datalogging (up to 6392 points)

  • PID control

  • USB, Foundation Fieldbus & Modbus communication

  • High-accuracy (+/- 0.05%) and high-pressure (5300 psi) multivariable sensor

  • Intrinsic safety: explosion/flame proof

  • Data handling, export, and report-writing software available without added cost

ecom-J2KN Pro Industrial Analyzer

ECOM-J2KN Pro Industrial.png

Standard Features for ecom-J2KN Pro Industrial Portable Emissions Analyzer.

  • Wireless Handheld Remote Display

  • Up to 9 Gas Sensors (6 Electrochemical and 3 NDIR) O2, CO, CO High, NO, NO2, SO2, Combustibles, CO2, & Methane

  • USB Interface & Bluetooth Link

  • 15ft Sample Line w/ 1ft Inconel Probe (Other lengths available)*

  • CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation & Peristaltic Pump for Automatic Moisture Removal

  • Peltier Cooler Sample Conditioner & Fresh Air Purge Switch

  • Self Leak Check & Averaging Tests

  • Flue Gas, Ambient, Sensor Temperature & Dual Range CO Sensors

  • CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, O2 Correction & Mass Emission Calculations

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