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Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeters 

In-Line & Insertion Style Design

Process Heating & Compressed Air Meters   Flare, Combustor, Pure & Mixed Gas Meters  

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Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeters/Controllers  

High Precision & Rough Environment Meters

Multivariable Mass Flow/Pressure Controllers

  VA Flowmeters & Valves


 Flow Measurement Instruments

In-line & Insertion Vortex Meters 

  Insertion Turbine Meters     

Ultrasonic Meters  

Cameron scanners, turbine, corilos, EFM's

  Coriolis Mass Flow Instrumentation 

  Gas/Liquid Custody Transfer Meters 

  Standard & Specialty Meters 

  Remote Transmitters & Displays 

Cameron scanners, turbine, corilos, EFM's

PD, Spur, Gear & Helical Gear Meters

Rotary Piston, Turbine & Paddlewheel Meters 

Totalizers, Basic & Bi-directional VA Meters

VA Flow Transmitters & Alarms

Cameron scanners, turbine, corilos, EFM's

 Scanners, dP Flow & Level Transmitters

  Pressure Transmitters, dP Cone Meters 

 dP Gauges, Switches & DPU Products    Remote Telemetry Units, Relief Valves 

Walchem - pH/ORP/DO Probes, metering pumps/controllers

           Thermal Dispersion Switches             Gas/Liquid Flow & Temperature Switches 

Single/Multi-Point Level Switches 

Kelley - Orifice Plates/Flange Unions, meters

 Orifice Plates, 304SS & 316 SS 

 Universal 1/2” thru 36’, Paddle ½” thru 24” 

Orifice Fittings, Flanges & Seal Rings  

You Have A Goal...Is Your Process Holding You Back?

Hy-Lok - tube fittings, valves, manifolds

Instrument Tube & Pipe Fittings 

3 & 5-Valve Instrument Manifolds 

Valves-Ball Needle, Check, Relief, Plug    Semiconductor Components, Tools 

JMS - Rtd's, Thermocouples, Temerature Transmitters

 Temperature Instrumentation  

RTD & Thermocouple Assemblies 

 2, 3 & 4 wire Temperature Transmitters ​ Digital Temperature Indicators, Thermowells 

Transducers Direct - pressure transducers

 Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation

  Pressure Gauges, Transducers & Switches 

 Thermometers, Temperature Gauges    Diaphragm Seals, Snubbers, Siphons  

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Industrial Emissions Analyzers

Combustion, Flue Gas, Emissions 

Portable & Handheld Analyzers

Pressure & Infrared Temperature Gauges

Nivelco level transmitters, ultrasonic, radar

 Level Instrumentation & Controllers  

Radar, Penetrating Pulse 

 Point & Sonic Laser Level Transmitters  

RF Capacitance, Gap & Vibration Switches 

Precision Digital - process displays/meters/controllers

 X-Proof & 1/8 DIN Process Displays 

 PID & Multi-Channel Loop Controllers 

 Large Display & Loop Powered Meters   Wireless Systems, Scanners/Annunciators  

Martel Electronics - loop/temperature/multifunction calibrators

Process Calibration Equipment 

  Bench & Multifunction Calibrators 

 Loop, Voltage & Pressure Calibrators 

   Temperature & Frequency Calibrators  

Transducers Direct - pressure transducers

Media Isolated Pressure Sensors   

 Submersible Level & dP Transducers   

Field Adjustable Transducers

Intrinsically Safe & X-Proof Transducers 

Bray - Ball valves, butterfly valves, actuators

Ball, Butterfly & V-notched Valves 

 2&3-Way, Fire-Safe Ball Valves 

   Pneumatic & Electric Actuators   


 Stainless Steel & Flexible Tubing  

 Teflon Tape, Adhesives

Unistrut & Loop Clamps, Heat Trace 

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