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Sage's validation and configuration software gives you the ability to do testing, diagnostics, performance verification and local configuration capabilities on our family of Sage Thermal Mass Gas flowmeters.  The software verifies that the flow meter is accurate, the probe is clean and prints out a report.


Endress & Hauser offers heartbeat technology that allows you the ability to diagnose, verify and monitor the performance of their newest instruments without the need for shutdown or the costs associated with it.  Whether its a Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Vortex or magmeter you now have this benefit to include level transmitters.


VorTek Instruments Pro-V™ measures  all 3-process variables within a single device–a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor & a solid-state pressure transducer–to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids & steam that simplifies system design and reduces installation costs.


The Aalborg mass flow controller is virtually unaffected by temperature and pressure variations with the TIO converting the GFC into a digital mass flow controller.  It employs totalizer functions, built-in flow linearizer, self diagnostics, 47 engineering units, calibrated to specific gases and display flowrate in mass or volume.

How am I losing production due to leaks and inefficient compressed air systems?

K&I Instruments gives me solutions to identify costly leaks as well as providing me a compressed air monitoring system that quickly identifies upset conditions and optimizes overall system efficiency.

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