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URGENT:  This new  information could save your burners, your furnaces, 
your boilers, your compressors, your medical gas system, your capital
equipment , your process and your job...

that even good Engineers make...

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Choose a process gas and learn more about how we help reduce costs on industrial applications for...

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Some Awesome Clients We Have Provided Solutions For...

These Clients Have Trusted Us To Enhance Their Process Monitoring and You Can Too...


Is Your Process Struggling with Performance, Repeatabilty and Reliability?

Does it feel like it's hard work to build trust, and convince your boss to upgrade to new technology? 

Do you experience performance shame and feel embarrassed to show the process off to the Plant Manager? 

Does it ever feel like your process is holding your plant initiatives back from reaching their full potential? 

Is your under-performing process failing to produce the results to position you as the authority and expert you know you are? 

Does your process look no different to the millions of others, causing measurement errors to bounce
around like a trampoline? 

Does it seem impossible to find a consultant that truly understands measurement and precision? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help.  At K&I Instruments, we help you attain more accuracy and precision in your process.  With ALL-IN-ONE mass flow measurement solutions, your process will perform incredible, AND measure with precision 24/7

"When we started with our plant initiative in 2011 to reduce usage of natural gas, O2, N2, Ar and Compressed Air, we were wasting more than 20% of our process gases.  Within 2-years we identified key leak areas and reduced our waste to 2%.

K&I provided 22-mass flow solutions that changed how we operate our plant. and since we have received solutions for boilers and other process issues."

Steve G.-Process Engineer at a steel plant.

"We had a tough scrubber application and used a mass flow solution in 2005 and received excellent service on an error we created.  Scott fixed the problem on the spot and it allowed me to recommend him to 2-other sister plants.  He was on-site at one of our sister plants for 2-mass flow solutions and identified a wiring issue that saved us two weeks of shutdown on a reactor.  Well worth the 1-day audit.. 

We have been provided mass flow solutions in several plants since 2005.
K&I has helped us with mass flow solutions in 3-states."

Rob W.-Process Engineer a chemical plant.

Awesome results
from our clients

"The Bluetooth feature on the newest mass flow solution allows myself the
ability to check metering performance without writing up a work order, saving me time and money on 18-applications upgraded to newer technology.

We have been working with K&I on mass flow solutions since 2008 for more than 40-applications."

Morgan K.-Reliability Engineer at an aluminum plant.

"We originally were provided 2-mass flow metering solutions for the N2 for blanketing.  Facing direct sunlight eventually burned up the displays in 2020.  Scott came in, did an evaluation,
provided us with two newer solutions and eliminated the direct sunlight issue.  Additionally, he field calibrated both new meters and even went to our
our boiler mass flow solution and re-calibrated that at no charge.
K&I provided 6-mass flow solutions that keep our plant running safe and efficient."

.Jimmy B.-Maintenance Super at a paint plant.

"The multivariable scanners along with the thermal mass flow solutions have allowed my techs to easily download data at the wells and validate calibration at the gate stations.

K&I has helped us with over 200+ solutions since 2004."

Mike C.-A Natural Gas Distributor

"When I first saw the mass flow technology, I was a big skeptic.  I agreed to a 90-day trial. 2-weeks after installation, I told Scott to come get his faulty equipment.  As my tech and I walked up on the compressor room I heard the compressors running while we were in blackout.  To my surprise, 1-mass flow solution immediately identified 2-major problems, massive plant air leaks and incorrect staging of 3-compressors.  The original project savings allowed us to shut down our compressor room using 28-year old compressors since 1979.  We were provided 3-additional mass flow solutions immediately and have used more than 30-mass flow solutions throughout the plant since 2007,"

Darrel W.-Process Engineer at a cement plant.

"We had previously used turbine meters with moving parts on all gas applications, the gas supplier worked on their main meter 13-times within the last 14-months.   We invited K&I in based on their history at local plants. What I initially thought was a defect in manufacturing on the first thermal mass metering solution was actually Scott uncovering major flaws within our monitoring of the natural gas feeding the processing plant, the hatchery and the process heating equipment.  Thanks to Scott. we now have solutions on more than a dozen  applications."

John D.-Plant Engineer for a food processing plant.

"We brought K&I in for a follow-up on calibration of existing thermal flow
solutions provided by one of their integrated suppliers.  Scott did a
calibration check on several meters, helped us on a new gas consumption application for the singers.

Scott walked us through installation as well as verification checks-now we have a reliable process and more efficient fuel flow for this and several applications on gas consumption."

German M.-Process Engineer at a food processing plant.

"I called K&I late afternoon needing to replace a damaged Scanner 2000 MVT for a flare application that is critical to my client.  After calling Scott, I hoped they would offer a quick resolution.   Whereas everyone else previously told  me it was a 2-10 week delivery, Scott  had manufacturing shipping 2-MVT's within 24-hours.  He even helped us secure a spare MVT for just one application.  We now have a backup plan on the shelf for emergency relief.

Thank you very much Scott. Really appreciate your help! Install was a success and everything went smooth😊."

Molly R.-A Natural Gas Equipment Fabricator

Why Work With K&I Instruments?

At K&I Instruments, our world-class team uses a proven solution-driven formula to deliver stunning gas measurement solutions that supercharge results. Here are 4 reasons (and there are plenty more where that came from!) why you’ll LOVE our solutions… guaranteed.

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process monitoring

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